• Dating After Divorce: Hurting People…Hurt People

    It was the winter of 2017 and I was about to have my first real date since 1999. I was dressed in my Lucky brand jeans, V-neck tee, and wearing my Chucks! If I’d owned a Corvette then I would’ve been the poster child for a midlife crisis! I was standing just inside this cool […]

  • Shave My What?

    The title got ya didn’t it? Well stay with me and I’ll explain, but let me remind you that almost 24 hours prior to this moment I had sent up a prayer of desperation, “God, I can’t take anymore, I need your help.” And there I was in the same spot when I looked down […]

  • How I Went from Pastor to Fitz in The Morning

    I was standing outside of Evergreen Ford in Issaquah, Washington in January of 2017. It was dark as I shivered and looked up at the snow and rain streaking in front of the huge lights, and uttered a simple prayer. It was one of those heart felt prayers of desperation. A Hail Mary if you […]