Hello, I am a radio personality in Portland, Oregon, but my passion has always been  helping others.  Yet there came a time when I was the one who needed help. I was a former pastor and mental health counselor, but that didn’t keep me from hitting my mid-forties and literally looking in the mirror and asking out loud, “What the hell happened to you?”

So there I was in my mid-forties and in a midlife crisis. No I didn’t go chase young women, because I felt like the only thing I had done right was marriage. I loved (and still do) the concept of marriage. There is nothing better than feeling as though you found your person. It offers your heart and soul a sense of security that is incredible. And I believed I had found my person! However, after 17 years of marriage and at almost 50 years-old, I would learn that was not true. So, what is worse than trying to adjust to the stress of midlife? Going through it while getting a divorce! What is worse than getting divorced at 50? Learning that dating now revolves around “swiping right.” To say I felt like a complete failure would be an understatement, but you truly learn what you’re made of when going through a divorce. And I’ve made many mistakes along the way that I will share on this blog.

If you have not hit midlife just yet that doesn’t mean this blog isn’t for you. There will be several different topics covered with sincerity and humor.  I hope that you will stop by often and read my blog and share my journey.  Please take the time to subscribe, and remember that I welcome your thoughts and advice, because while life can be very difficult…it is much easier when we do it together.

Tony Russell, MA

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