• Stop Trying to Hold on when The Universe is Screaming, Let Go!

    As I ran today the sleet and snow were peppering my face reminding me I should have gone with a ball cap instead of the beanie. As I often do I listen to an audio book, podcast, or one of my favorite teachers. Today I was listening to an incredible message by Andy Stanley, and […]

  • Do You Feel Broken?

    I was speaking to a beautiful and strong friend last night who has recently gone trough a difficult breakup. She loved him dearly and he told her that he loved her as well, and yet one day he walked away. And she said three words to me with a deep sadness in her voice. As […]

  • What Part Does God Play in Your Pain?

    It was a typical Sunday morning in our church in Fort Worth, Texas. I was standing in front of the congregation dressed in my blue jeans and T-shirt with a tie dye cross on it. I was trying to be one of the cool pastors. You know, the ones who hang out at coffee shops, […]

  • Destroying The Narcissist & Silencing The Voices in Your Head: Protect The Inner Circle

    I woke up today totally aware of the date, January 2nd, 2023, and not just because yesterday was New Years Day. Nope, because tomorrow is my birthday! And while I’m at an age that has a number I’m not excited about…I’ve decided that in 2023 I am going to start my days with gratitude. And […]

  • Shave My What?

    The title got ya didn’t it? Well stay with me and I’ll explain, but let me remind you that almost 24 hours prior to this moment I had sent up a prayer of desperation, “God, I can’t take anymore, I need your help.” And there I was in the same spot when I looked down […]

  • Where is God when Shit Happens?

    In my last blog post I told you about my father’s response to the question, “Why do you believe in God?” Despite his father being brutally murdered in 1969, my father said that he simply believed in God, because of all that He had done in his life. And before I humbly help you navigate […]