• Bongs, Booze, & Jesus

    It was my birthday, January 3rd (put that on your calendar). I was lying in my beanbag chair staring up at the ceiling while drinking whiskey. I figured Jesus first miracle was turning water into wine so I could have a drink, but He was about to show up with another plan. I began praying […]

  • What The Hell?

    I was about to go to bed when my phone rang. At first I assumed one of my kids needed money, but then realized it was a friend. As a person surpasses the 50 year mark they stop sending late night calls to voicemail. “Hey man, how are you” he asks every single time with […]

  • When My Father Left and God Appeared

    I was sitting in the house that built me in my home state of West Virginia in October of 2016. My father’s health was failing after a stroke, and I had flown in from Washington with the anticipation of saying goodbye. My mother was in her chair of many years, which was right beside of […]

  • Do You Feel Broken?

    I was speaking to a beautiful and strong friend last night who has recently gone trough a difficult breakup. She loved him dearly and he told her that he loved her as well, and yet one day he walked away. And she said three words to me with a deep sadness in her voice. As […]

  • Finding Peace and Hope in The Pain: Better Days Coming

    It was the beginning of winter in Westport, Washington, and I was sitting (along with a date) in my car on the beach. The wind was literally making the car sway back and forth as the rain pounded the roof. I was just about to start the car and go find a warm pub when […]

  • How I went from A Psychotherapist to a DJ: Meeting A Kid Named Fitz

    It was around 1997 and I was living in Scott Depot, West Virginia. The beautiful upper middle class town I had been raised in since the age of 2 years-old. My life could’ve been extremely easy, but I was determined to make it difficult and interesting as you’ll see in the next few paragraphs. Despite […]

  • Destroying The Narcissist & Silencing The Voices in Your Head: Protect The Inner Circle

    I woke up today totally aware of the date, January 2nd, 2023, and not just because yesterday was New Years Day. Nope, because tomorrow is my birthday! And while I’m at an age that has a number I’m not excited about…I’ve decided that in 2023 I am going to start my days with gratitude. And […]

  • Coming Out of The Closet Part 2

    You should click here to read part 1 if you havent done so. I was sitting in a crowded music class at a Christian School in West Virginia. I believe it was 7th grade as the teacher stood in front of us in his green polyester pants with chalk all over them. He was a […]

  • Shave My What?

    The title got ya didn’t it? Well stay with me and I’ll explain, but let me remind you that almost 24 hours prior to this moment I had sent up a prayer of desperation, “God, I can’t take anymore, I need your help.” And there I was in the same spot when I looked down […]

  • How I Went from Pastor to Fitz in The Morning

    I was standing outside of Evergreen Ford in Issaquah, Washington in January of 2017. It was dark as I shivered and looked up at the snow and rain streaking in front of the huge lights, and uttered a simple prayer. It was one of those heart felt prayers of desperation. A Hail Mary if you […]