• For Those Who are Lonely

    He took a deep breath, made sure his sandals were ready for the journey, and headed toward a small town called Bethany. There would be no party, turning water into wine, or laughter on this journey. He would walk a great distance to visit a group of people who were in mourning. During his journey […]

  • Do You Feel Broken?

    I was speaking to a beautiful and strong friend last night who has recently gone trough a difficult breakup. She loved him dearly and he told her that he loved her as well, and yet one day he walked away. And she said three words to me with a deep sadness in her voice. As […]

  • Finding Peace and Hope in The Pain: Better Days Coming

    It was the beginning of winter in Westport, Washington, and I was sitting (along with a date) in my car on the beach. The wind was literally making the car sway back and forth as the rain pounded the roof. I was just about to start the car and go find a warm pub when […]