The Tuesday Before The Cross

As Jesus woke up on Tuesday, we can’t help but wonder if the first person on his mind was Judas Iscariot? There are many indicators that Tuesday (of what we know as Holy Week) was the day that Judas made his deal to turn Jesus over to the religious leaders. Picture that meeting! Judas had seen the miracles, grace, and love that flowed out of Jesus. He had a front row seat to the Messiah, and yet he caved to his greed. There are two particularly important things we learn from Tuesday.

If we had been present in the meeting with Judas we would have seen the power players of the day. We would have seen the sages, high priests, scribes, elders, and more. They were the religious leaders. Let that sink in for a moment. There was a “back alley” meeting of what the Christian faith may call priest, pastors, and deacons. And they met for only one reason, to determine how to capture Jesus and turn him over to the Romans.

If Jesus had been punished under the Jewish laws it would have meant being stoned, but the Romans (as we know) used the brutal cross. So first, we see that Jesus was not religious. He didn’t come to start or join a specific religion. We can also observe that not much has changed since that meeting. The religious are still angry, still divisive, and still missing the point of Jesus life and teachings. They were focused on the manmade rules that they falsely taught had God’s stamp of approval. They had an exceptionally long list of rules, but Jesus had just one…love others. There is something else that should resonate with us. Jesus knew what it was like to be betrayed.

I was cast back into the dating world at the wonderful age of 50! And over the last 6 years I have enjoyed meeting some amazing people. I cannot tell you how many times I heard stories of great betrayal. Most of which were told with the preface of “I’ve done the work” or “I am better now,” but the pain and shrapnel of deceit was still at work. And there were more than a few where part of the deception included someone they perceived as a friend. However, deception can come in so many forms, and we have all encountered it in one way or another. On this Tuesday, we can be reminded that we will not face anything that Jesus wouldn’t understand.

And what would be Jesus’ reaction to all the deception? How would he handle the masses screaming, “Crucify Him…Crucify Him?” What would he ask of his Father in just three short days?

 “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing

The greatest gift you can give yourself this Easter is to forgive those who have hurt you. Release them so that they no longer have some form of control in your life. And cancel their debt, because all of yours have been canceled as well.

Love you,



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