The Monday Before The Cross

Lets go back around 2,000 years, and picture what that Monday morning before Good Friday might have been like for Jesus. Let’s do our best to take a peak into what may have been on his heart and mind. In just 4 days, the light of the world will briefly be cast into darkness.

Jesus opened his eyes, adjusted the quilt where he’d been sleeping, and rolled over on his side. His back was slightly sore from the donkey ride on Sunday. It still mystified him that some of the same people waving the palm branches and shouting praise would soon turn on him.

The sun was about to rise on what would be his last Monday before being nailed to a cross. He sat in silence as the weight of the world began to be placed on him. Jesus spent time praying (as a man), and yet he did so with the faith and obedience of a deity. Nearby he could hear some of the men and women who had been by his side on this incredible journey. He began walking by each tent looking in as just a small touch of sunlight would highlight their faces. He smiled as beautiful memories rushed through his mind, but his eyes also welled up with tears, due to the great sadness for what they would soon endure.

“Do they fully understand father?” He may have asked in his time of prayer. “Do they understand that this Friday will be the day in which my body is broken, but that it is also a day where they…each of them become my body? On Friday they will see pain and suffering, but will they also see the love of the father and the son, and will they open their hearts to be filled with a spirit that is sacred and holy? Father, may you help them realize that at the very moment my hands and feet are nailed to the cross that they…they become my hands and feet. And it is their calling to share our love with the world.”

Love ya,



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