Bongs, Booze, & Jesus

It was my birthday, January 3rd (put that on your calendar). I was lying in my beanbag chair staring up at the ceiling while drinking whiskey. I figured Jesus first miracle was turning water into wine so I could have a drink, but He was about to show up with another plan.

I began praying for God to show up in my life. I wanted to fully experience the peace of His presence. And suddenly a thought rushed into my mind, “First, stop self medicating.” I quickly replied with, “Surely God isn’t talking to me,” but then remembered I live alone. And the thought got more specific, “Stop drinking and see what happens?” I needed clarification, “Uh, stop drinking forever or just right now God?”

Please don’t think I’m saying there is anything wrong with someone having an adult beverage. And I voted to legalize marijuana so I am extremely liberal on what people want to enjoy in moderation. However, when we are in the middle of difficult times the place to turn is God, and not half a bottle of booze or a bong hit.

When we turn to the bong or booze for peace then that is where we are placing our faith. And guess what will happen? In time, you may develop an addiction that will not only steal peace and joy, but also your relationships and life.

Sadly, while I have heard that voice loud and clear I continue to self medicate at times. It’s interesting, booze will bring peace much faster than God, but it can slowly and silently kill you when left unchecked. There are no shortcuts to peace.

In biblical stories when people were filled with the spirit they were often accused of being drunk. And a few times we are told not to be drunk on wine, but to be filled with the Spirit. The point is that maybe they’re similar feelings or experiences. Meaning, maybe that is why so many Christians are turning to a bottle or bong instead of Jesus. The peace comes quickly, but we eventually learn it is short lived, and may come with a price we can’t afford to pay.

Trust me when I say that I know the darkness that comes with depression. It can get so deep that we feel paralyzed, and as if there is no escape. And anxiety is purely evil in the way it tears us apart inside, torments our mind, and steals days, months, or even years of our life. Divorce, heartache, and grief are often brought on due to no fault of our own, and we are left feeling empty or even angry with God, but He is the solution and not the problem. He needs to be the first place we reach when we are in need.

The question I’ve been asking myself and I challenge you to do the same is, “Is Jesus enough?’ When we are facing a rough patch in life will we trust Jesus or Woodford Reserve? If the stress is overwhelming will we trust Jesus or Tequila? When we can’t forget the pain of our past will we trust Jesus or take another hit? The difference is one leads to a life that is abundantly full, and one can lead to an abundance of problems.

I love you,


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