Where do I Live and What’s Next?

It has been less than a year that I decided to apply for a morning show position in Fort Worth, Texas. The snow was piling up outside my window in North Bend, Washington as I emailed a resume and demo. I wasn’t sure why I was doing it, because life was good. I woke up when I wanted and worked for as little or as long as I wanted, but here I was attempting to put myself back in the radio box that would make me get up before God intended. Everything inside of me said I needed to apply for this job, and I got it! So off I went and it wasn’t long until 110 degree days, and Alexa waking me up at 4:30 a.m., made me wonder what I had done.

Many have asked where I am currently living and the truth is I am splitting my time between Texas and Washington (for now). I have teamed up with Fitz to pursue a couple of new projects that we both hope will take off this year, and as you may know…Texas is his home base for his national countdown that is doing very well. Being in Texas has enabled him to spend more time with his mother and father. And lets be honest, we all know that Green Beret Bob needs supervision!

I am expanding my insurance business by partnering with High Street, and hoping to close on purchasing a large book of insurance business in Puyallup very soon. I am also very interested in the Portland, Oregon area as well. I have nearly 600 clients mostly in Oregon and Washington, but a few in AZ, MT, and TX.

This year I hope to continue to pursue building my faith, connecting and caring for my social media following, and possibly starting an online spiritual community where I do some teaching. I have also started writing a book, which is a very difficult venture. This blog was the first step.

God has blessed me greatly in the last year with incredible stress, and horrible disappointments. Yes you read that correctly. At the moment, I am absolutely full of shit as I say it, but I am old enough to know that God has something great in my future. There is no way He would let me experience the pain I’ve felt without a huge payoff, but first I must be faithful. I must learn to not just type those words, but to believe them.

Today as I ran my 5 miles the dark passenger whispered in my ear, “When are you going to realize that God has no plan. You are on your own. If He loved you, life would be easier.” My reply, “I am going to focus on Him.” Honestly, the dark passenger had my attention. From the moment I chose to pursue my faith life has been very difficult, and full of disappointment, but I am not going to waver.

I wake up every single day, and say 4 things, “God my relationships are yours, my radio business is yours, my insurance business is yours, and my life is yours.” Let me be fully transparent in saying there are days my mind doesn’t believe what I’m saying to God, but my heart says, “Keep going going because big thing are coming!”

Thank you for continuing to read my blogs and supporting me in so many ways. I love and appreciate you more than you’ll ever know. Please feel free to comment below. Life is easier when we do it together. It is in our pain that God does His greatest work, and therefore get ready for big announcements from me in the next few months. I simply want to be in the center of what He has for me, and pray that you are right there with me. I would love another opportunity to be on the radio in the PNW. You matter to me.

Love ya,


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13 responses to “Where do I Live and What’s Next?”

  1. tmfelix50gmailcom

    A plan… i am on that hamster wheel… trying to get out of there. I enjoy reading your blog, can’t wait to hear about your online gospel.. i know i need it.. chin up friend you are making a difference.

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  2. You have no idea how much I needed to hear this.


  3. AnnaB

    Beauty from ashes 😊

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  4. Melanie C.

    If you were back on the radio, in our neck of the woods (I’m in Buckley), I would listen to the radio again. Seems like there are only a couple of stations that actually have a live, local DJ, anymore. It’s disheartening.
    But, more importantly, it’s whatever you are lead to do. Just because people are clamoring for you to return to radio, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s what you are meant to do. We can hope, but I would rather hear that you are happy and fulfilled with whatever you end up doing.

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  5. Christine Bernsen

    God is with you every step of the way! Great things are coming! You will definitely end up where he puts you. Love your gift of communication! That is definitely your gift. You are touching people’s lives, there’s a movement happening? I hope you see and feel it! I can. 🥰

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    1. Thank you sweet lady


  6. Jen M

    I was disappointed to realize you were not taking a few days off from the Ranch, but were in fact gone. I enjoyed listening to your show and as a single woman whose last child is in college, some days the voices on the radio are the only ones I hear. I love how you signed off each show and why. I had to put in a good bit of effort to locate your blog, but I’m here now!
    I am sorry that life has been so stressful and disappointing to you. You are right – there is no way God would put you through all the hurts and disappointments if He wasn’t preparing you for something big. I look forward to your updates. You do matter and you do make a difference in people’s lives – even ones you’ve never met. In case you haven’t heard it today – love you!

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    1. Thank you so much!


  7. L. Riley

    Everyone has a dark passenger and they are supposed to. Every hero needs a villain. Consider yourself the hero and your dark passenger is the villain. Great work!

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  8. Dawnett


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